High School Guest Director

Dr. Nicholle Andrews

University of Redlands

Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Nicholle Andrews is
Director of Choral Studies at the University of Redlands. Under her direction, the
choral ensembles at Redlands have been invited to performed at festivals and
conferences such as the National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO)
Convention, California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Convention,
California All State Music Educators Conference (CASMEC), and Festival 500
Sharing the Voices. and have performed with legendary rock group ‘The WHO’.
She is in high demand across North America as a conductor, adjudicator, and
Andrews has worked with composers William Bolcolm, Joan Tower, Libby
Larson, Gunther Schuller, Imant Raminsh, R. Murray Schafer, Anthony Suter,
alcides lanza, and Krzysztof Penderecki, and eminent conductors Bramwell
Tovey, Sir David Willcox, Bobby McFerrin, Tõnu Kaljuste, Robert Sund, Frieder
Bernius, Georg Titner, Lydia Adams, and Jon Washburn.
Andrews is currently training as a body mapping clinician (Andover Educator).
Her areas of research include the study of performance anxiety in musicians,
pitch perception, and awareness of the body through conducting. Her
publications can be found in sources such as the Journal of Research in Music
In January 2013, Andrews created the University of Redlands Youth Choir as a
training program for both children from surrounding communities, and music
education students at the university. The program, now in its fourth year has
grown in numbers allowing the creation of a Training Chorus (ages 5-8) as a
feeder ensemble for the Youth Choir (ages 9-16).
Having completed her doctorate and master’s in choral conducting at McGill
University, Andrews studied with Professor Iwan Edwards, Dr. John Baboukis,
and Dr. Julian Wachner. While at McGill University she taught musicianship,
instrumental conducting and choral conducting. She completed a Bachelors of
Music in Oboe Performance and a Bachelors of Music Education at Memorial
University of Newfoundland where she studied conducting with Dr. Douglas
Andrews has also taught music (kindergarten to grade 12) in several public
schools throughout Canada and England.

Audition Practice

Practice for your audition now.

Important Audition Information

When and where do I audition?

Auditions will be held Tuesday through Friday, September 19 – 22, 2017 at Durango HS, Clark HS & Basic HS in their choir room and theatre. Your director will have an exact schedule of times and locations for you by Tuesday September 5th, 2017 on their school email.

What do I need to do to prepare for this audition?

Obtain materials and information from: www.CCSDHonorChoir.com

Ask your director for the audition materials if you do not have internet access.

Practice individually and in quartets or octets.

Complete the audition application and contract and give it to your director. Inquire about this due date. Make sure that it includes your signature and the signature of your parent/guardian. Applicants with incomplete forms will not be eligible to audition. No exceptions!

Record the required rehearsal and performance dates and times both in your personal planner and on the family calendar.


How do I get registered for an audition time?

Your director will register you once you have submitted your completed application form. Teachers will then notify Mr. Ryan Duff @ Basic HS (via interact) no later than Friday, September 1st @ 2:00pm. Specific audition times will then be forwarded to your director on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. See below for details regarding new audition payment information.

There is a $5 audition fee per student that is to be submitted when school’s audition numbers are submitted by Friday September 1, 2017. Please have your teacher pay for all auditioning students with one school check made payable to Nevada ACDA. Please mail or (school mail) your check for audition fees to Lesa Ramirez @ DURANGO HS NO LATER THAN Monday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017. No fees will be collected at the audition site. No fees will be reimbursed should the student “No-Show” their audition or be dismissed from the Honor Choir. Audition applications must be received before auditions take place.

What do I bring to my audition?

Yourself and your healthy instrument

Completed audition form (only if your director will not be present)

Signed contract


Minimum CCSD dress code, but you want to dress for success!

When do I find out the results of this audition?

The results will be sent to your director by Monday September 25, 2017.

If I make the CCSD Honor Choir, what is required of me?

See your contract. Further requirements will be included in your music packet, which you will receive prior to the first rehearsal. Pay particular attention to the attendance requirements – these particular rules are well regulated. Please notify us in advance of any pre-arranged tardy or absence, as a courtesy to your teacher, section leaders, and Honor Choir chairpersons.

Who may I speak with if my parents/guardians or I have questions or concerns?

Please speak with your director first…they will find answers. You may also contact Mr. Duff, Mrs. Ramirez or Mr. Polutnik via the email links on the Honor Choir site: www.CCSDHonorChoir.com

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 CCSD Honor Choir! Good Luck!